This is WordPress

Hello, and this is WordPress. Web development has come a very long way in recent years.

In the past the incredible power of the web server could be delivered through your web
browser only by way of expensive backend programing and database access. However in recent
years programmers have developed what is known as the CMS or “Content Management Systems”.

Essentially all that power is packaged into a very user friendly, almost drag and drop
interface. It is now possible for the complete novice to put up a very complex,
high end web site from scratch. Granted, some of these systems are more complete and
market ready than others.

Wordpress is without a doubt the premier CMS system available today. While I don’t believe I will ever grow tired of creating and designing web pages because I enjoy tinkering with and tweaking the HTML and the CSS to get a page to behave just like I want it to and to marry that with my graphics. well what can I say it’s just very satisfying. but in all honesty to educate myself to a level of programming to do all the things you can get add-ons and plugins for wordpress to do it would take me years of dedicated study to attain that level of expertise.

The real value in this is for the site owner. WordPress brings the power of having your own programming team right to your desktop. And in the event you do try to reach further than what is readily available or beyond your personal abilities with WordPress, getting custom help is very easy and affordable.

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