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Photoshop in the print shop

Some years back I had a screen printing shop and many of our customers were local little league teams and dance studios, also our local high schools. so a lot of the work we did was sports related. This example below was for one of our local dance studios. The customer in this case had the graphics of the dancers and wanted them incorporated into the "Dance United theme." My job on this was to create an image that could be pushed through a screen making heavy use of halftones, always a challenge when working with silk-screens.

sample Photoshop work

Graphics the Great Communicator

As has been noted "a picture is worth a thousand words" It's difficult to over estimate the truth of this axiom. The example below was for a customer who had developed a roofing product that showed great promise for performance and durability, and cost savings. The ideas we wanted to get across here were impervious durability and water proofing. To covey these ideas I made liberal use of reflective surfaces and water drops and pooling.

sample Photoshop work

The power of Photoshop

This image here was created shortly after 9-11The entire image had to be created using graphics software such as Photoshop and Coreldraw because the image was intended for screenprinting For this reason I needed something that I could tweak and adjust the halftoning in order to achieve the fine gradations of shading need to get that look of realism.

sample Photoshop work